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In the first person

I worked as a journalist during a great part of my life, from 1974 to 2003 to be exact. In this period I worked many years at “Folha de Londrina” newspaper and I also worked at “Veja Paraná” magazine as well as at “Bloch Editores” publisher (which published “Manchete” and “Fatos e Fotos” magazines.), in Rio de Janeiro. My career as a journalist taught me many things such as how to be agile and to make decisions quickly. But I must say the most important thing I learned is that every truth has two (or more) sides. Therefore, it is essential to check all sides before you come to a conclusion. Photography came into my life as a hobby and day by day it became more and more important. Now photography is vital in my life. Today I can say I’m a privileged person for I get paid for doing something I love. I enjoy photographing people because I’m fascinated by human beings. I use to say there are not ugly people in the world, only badly illuminated people. I’m enchanted by the lines, the shapes, the colors, the movements. Each sense enchants me, as well as each emotion revealed in a smile or in the eyes. Photographing is pleasure, joy. It’s also simple: look and shoot. Tell stories. Collect images and say: “That’s how I saw it.”.